a prince in princess' clothing

((busy times keep drawing at bay! though when time allows it varies…))

Lest: Plenty. They really seem to enjoy talking about particular villagers they know.

Frey: She tells really amazing stories and dreams!!  It would be nice to talk as beautifully as she does////

Lest:….i suppose

Frey, have you ever seen Leon without that weird hat thing of his on?



I have! He usually takes it off during swimming, but then it shows his ears even more, which can be kind of distracting! ^ v ^;

Frey: I agree with you fully anon! There is no other beauty like him!

Lest: uh…right. Well, I really don’t thin—

Frey: You are!


Lest:H-hey! Arthur what’s wrong!? Don’t stare so much!!////

Pico: Hmm could this still count as an order? Otherwise you didn’t have to do it!

Lest: What?!

Lest: I really do enjoy farming, especially the more rare and expensive crops! It’s pretty rewarding! Though i do enjoy a good dungeon crawl c:

Lest: if they are as great of heroes as you say, then i’m sure having a similar voice is a great honor.

Lest: We usually let them sort it out on their own, since it’s annoying to deal with, but sometimes we have to step in to make sure they don’t bother the tourists…….or others.

Frey: >:(